Our Drive



We were formed after we suffered every parent's worst nightmare.  On May 04, 2017 our daughter Brittany and grandbaby she lovingly called Peanut were tragically killed. Our love for Brittany and our unborn grandchild is the inspiration and passion behind our drive. In August of 2017 we wrote 150 letters to ever senator and house representative in Indiana asking to

 push for legislation to change Indiana law concerning crimes resulting in the loss of a fetus. Indiana did not consider a baby inside the womb a baby tell 24 weeks. In January of 2018 we received a letter from Indiana state senator Aaron Freeman saying that he was going to help us change the Indiana Law.  March 25, 2018 Gov. Eric Holcomb signed a bill into law that allows charges of murder and manslaughter to be filed when a crime results in the death of a fetus. On May 1, 2018 we were blessed with a home to open in honor of our daughter and grandbaby called Hope for Peanut. We are reaching out to the community for help to make this home successful for our young mothers. We will need an army to stand behind us to make this come together and to help our mother in one of the hardest time of their lives.

             Sincerely , Jennifer Lee